Make Peritoneal Dialysis Quality Control Easy and Reliable

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Our Story

Pirgit Silvast-Äikäs, CEO and Founder, is a registered nurse, who has been working with peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients over 15 years at the Helsinki University Hospital.

She noticed that PD patient nursing was mostly based on patient’s symptoms, practical experience and laboratory blood tests. The biological filtering function of peritoneum, i.e. the inner lining of the abdomen to filter blood when the kidneys are not functioning, has a key role when PD treatment is prescribed for each patient.

Current way to evaluate the activity of peritoneal filtration is time-consuming both for the patients and the medical professionals, intense to manual work, and prone to errors. The practice has shown that peritoneal functional assessment fails often, which is waste of patients’s time and health care resources to repeat it several times. This frustration was an impulse to invent smart, on-line measuring system to solve a problem.

We believe in…

Patients’ freedom to choose high-quality, smart dialysis treatment at home when suffering from end-stage kidney disease.

We develop…

Dialysis products to nephrology clinics and medical professionals in order to increase the confidence to prescribe home dialysis and improve the patient adherence to the treatment.

We stand for…

  • High-quality in product design and production
  • Research-based knowledge and education
  • Responsible and trustworthy business